Bravely Second: End Layer Video: Bravely Second - The Revenant (Guardian Asterisk) One-Shot Boss Strategy

How to one-shot this annoyingly talkative kid and obtain his awesome asterisk.

- This battle can be the most annoying in the entire game if you try and fight conventionally. He will possess a character periodically, taking control of their actions.

He can be booted out by damaging the character possessed but it's still a massive annoyance. His allies are a pain too. The Guardshield uses Phalanx to counter single-hit physical attacks while the Guardstave casts Stop or Thundaga and the Guardsblade uses Trample to deal more damage when he has more HP. The Guardstave is the most dangerous due to Stop so Stop Immunity with the Time Mage job is helpful. Even if you kill the imperials, Revenant will just eventually summon more.

- Luckily we have the perfect solution to make this battle simple. Equip the Exorcist job on a character, then simply use Undo HP on Revenant after he's possessed someone and you've booted him back into his ghost body. Because he is classed as a ghost, he technically has 0 HP, allowing you to kill him off in one shot. He MUST be in ghost state for this to work so wait until he's back in his body again after a possession.

- Kill him first then just finish off the henchmen. Easy!

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