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Bravely Second - Final Boss: False God Providence Simple Strategy

Of course this guy has multiple forms...

- The first thing to note is as soon as the 9th turn begins or when you KO Providence Aa (the pyramid body), the battle will end abruptly. With that said, you can either wing the battle, whilst trying not to die, or kill him quickly. It's up to you.

- The two hands can attack with the right one (from our perspective Providence B) using Ruin which deals magical damage and the left (Providence Ab) casting Salvation which does noticeable physical damage. After they attack, they become immobile for 3 turns.

- The pyramid will use Dispel so don't bother with buffs except for Bloody Wolf and just focus on keeping HP topped up. Providence can cast New World Order which deals reasonable magical damage so just be aware.

- Every 5 turns Providence will also use Ruin or Salvation? to buff the damage the hands do but thankfully the battle will be over
before that happens if you keep up the pressure.

Part 2

- This battle plays out much the same as the first though this time the hands can benefit from Ruin or Salvation? The obvious way to avoid getting slapped in the face is to destroy them. Dark-imbued weapons work well as do knuckles. They both have crappy HP so remove them first before focusing on the body. After a few turns though, they will revive and hit you with Big Bang but this damage is nothing compared to Ruin or Salvation?

- For the sake of brevity, focus all your attacks on the body and on the turn the hands have returned to 0 BP cast Calm (Holy Magic) to negate all damage. Rinse and repeat! You only need to destroy the body to win anyway.

Keep grinding away with this method and you'll win with ease. Congratulations for saving Luxendarc (again)!

For more details visit http://gamerguides.com/bravely-second/information

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