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Helped every fan club continue their activities.

How to Help Every Fan Club Continue Their Activities

Genesis Fans

You should have been receiving Mail from each of the three fan clubs as you progress through the game and you will have particularly noticed the animosity between the LOVELESS Study Group and Red Leather fan clubs, both being related to Genesis in one form or another.

Once you reach Chapter 7 and gain the ability to explore Midgar for the final time, head to the Fountain area in Sector 8 to speak with the Genesis Fan (the woman in the suit to the south) to learn that they’re on the brink of closing the fan club due to losing the funding from Genesis’s parents. Zack will be given a choice on how the fan club could continue, choose “Merge with a rich fan club!”.

(1 of 3) Speak with the Genesis fan in the fountain area

The woman will mention that they were already the richest, and that they only have Apple Jewelry left to trade. This should serve as your clue, head to LOVELESS Avenue and speak to the woman who represents the fan club. Although she appears to be gloating, Zack will convince her that the trade for Apple Jewelry could be good for their fan club. Return to the first Genesis Fan near the fountain and deliver the good news.

Angeal Fan

This will solve the first issue, but there’s one more to solve before you can successfully keep all fan clubs running. You may have noticed that in place of the Angeal fan, a young boy is standing there instead. Speak with him to learn that his mom has gone missing and left a letter stating she’s gone on a journey.

(1 of 2) Speak with the boy in the fountain area

Speak with the boy in the fountain area (left), then speak with the Angeal fan at the station and choose this option. (right)

You’ll need to track down the boy’s mother, who just so happens to be the Angeal Fan. You’ll find her at the Sector 1 Train Station (go up the stairs near the fountain and exit to the east), standing against the wall. Speak with her, and, when given the choice, choose “A mother without honor is nothing but a monster.” to convince her to not flee and return to her son, unlocking the Fan Club Savior Trophy/Achievement in the process.

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