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Cut down every incoming shell.

You need to hit all 10 shells to get the Slicin’ SOLDIER Trophy/Achievement.

Cut down every incoming shell in Chapter 2

This is the second missable story Trophy/Achievement of Chapter 2, and it plays out at the same time as the third, the Banora Treasures Trophy/Achievement. It will also impact the time you have available to you during that section, making it easier to collect the items around Banora Village.

Once you set off on the mission to Banora, proceed through it as normal until you reach the factory. After the story events there, you’ll need to leave via the main doors so be sure to make a save here. After you deal with the enemies, you’ll find yourself outside the factory and Tseng will mention that there are Shinra shell coming your way, starting the rocket slicing mini-game.

The goal here, is to slash at each shell as you see them turn red. The easiest way to tell when you need to slash the rocket is to look for the lock-on marker that appears over them as they get closer. This is the time to hit the attack button to successfully slash the shell.

The game will try to throw you off with different timings, some shells will come at Zack quickly, while others will meander their way toward him. By far the most challenging one, however, and the one that will make or break you getting the Trophy/Achievement is the 10th and final one. The camera will change to a perspective facing Zack making it much harder to tell when it’s in the appropriate range. It’s never been better to time your slash based on the lock-on marker so wait for it and then press the attack button.

(1 of 2) The final shell will change the camera to make it tougher to hit

The final shell will change the camera to make it tougher to hit (left), you will get an additional 500 Gil for a Perfect combo. (right)

You’ll get the Slicin' SOLDIER Trophy/Achievement after this sequence if you score a perfect combo, and you’ll get the maximum of 45 seconds to dart around the village after collecting the five treasures you should have examined earlier. Once you return to Angeal’s house, you’ll also get a Gil reward based on your performance, with 1,500 Gil for getting the Perfect Combo.

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