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Secrets of the Zakarum Hawezar Campaign Quest


  • Meet with "Donan" iconDonan
  • Find a way into the Zakarum keep
  • Scale the damaged Keep wall
  • Raise the portcullis
  • Speak with "Donan" iconDonan
  • Follow "Donan" iconDonan
  • Let "Donan" iconDonan open the door


Begins after "The Path Divided" iconThe Path Divided Campaign Quest.

In-Game Description

Chapter: Echo of Hatred 1/2
"Donan" iconDonan has asked for my help attuning the soulstone to Mephisto’s essence.

I need to raise the portcullis so we enter the Ruins of Rakhat Keep.

I should follow "Donan" iconDonan deeper into the Ruins of Rakhat Keep.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 12935 Y: 15393

Speak to "Donan" iconDonan here to begin.

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