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Gohr's Devastating Grips Unique Gloves


  • Non-Physical Damage
  • Ranks of Whirlwind
  • Attack Speed
  • Lucky Hit Chance
  • Whirlwind Explodes after it ends, dealing 16-26% of the total Base damage dealt to surrounding enemies as Fire damage.

As of Season 1 patch, Gohr’s now explodes every 2 seconds or after it ends, and its hit cap has been removed.

Changelog June 4:

  • Explosion damage gained from Whirlwind reduced from 50-70% to 16-26%.
  • Damage against wreckable objects no longer increases explosion damage.
  • Explosion damage is only increased by the first 100 hits of Whirlwind.

In-Game Description

The brutish construction of these gloves belies the strength they bestow. Gohr was clearly no craftsman, but it would be foolish to ignore the triumph of his work. - Barrett’s Book of Implements.

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