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Raising Spears Dry Steppes Side Quest



+20 Dry Steppes Renown upon completion.

Detailed Location

  • You can find this Side Quest at the Crane Tribe Hutmoot in the north of the Untamed Scarps region of the Dry Steppes. You must complete "Consumed by Pride" iconConsumed by Pride first.

In-Game Description

Ealda is sure to be hurting from the revelation that some of her kin are falling to fear and cannibalism in desperation.

I should speak with her at Crane Tribe Hutmoot to see waht we can do to rise beyond this fate.

Ealda believes Crane Tribe has forgotten their ancestors and their sacrifices, allowing fear and doubt to make them vulnerable to the cannibals. She wishes to reclaim the spears of their ancestors to rally the spirits of her kin and return their pride.

I should join Ealda at "Champion's Demise" iconChampion’s Demise to collect the spears of Crane Tribes’ honored dead.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 6927 Y: 9999
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