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Ire of the Witch Hawezar Side Quest


  • Search for Samil in the Sodden Graveyard
  • Retrieve Samil’s Corpse
  • Return to Zurke
  • Place Samil’s corpse

Detailed Location

  • Zurke’s Hut, Rotspill Delta, Hawezar

In-Game Description

An unpaid debt needs to be collected.

Zurke is irritated a man indebted to him is nowhere to be found. He wants me to find this “Samil” before he turns his ire elsewhere. Zurke said to check the Sodden Graveyard for clues about Samil’s whereabouts.

Samil has met an untimely end in the graveyard. I should bring his corpse back to Zurke as proof Samil didn’t intentionally break his promise. Hopefully, that knowledge will calm Zurke’s ire.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 15076 Y: 15101
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