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Unearthed Regrets Hawezar Side Quest


  • Find the shallow grave
  • Acquire the Exsanguinated Remains
  • Burn the Exsanguinated Remains
  • Return to Kres


Note: This quest can be started immediately after completing "Growing Reminders" iconGrowing Reminders but cannot be progressed further until you’ve completed Act V and specifically the quest "A Chorus of Voices" iconA Chorus of Voices.

Detailed Location

  • Kres, The Writhing Mire, Hawezar.

In-Game Description

Kres told me that there is a shallow grave near a tunnel of gnarled trees. I should look there.

I found the shallow grave. I must dig up the remains, so that I may burn them at the Backwater pyre.

I’ve burned the remains. I hope they’re at peace now. I should return to Kres.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 14710 Y: 13050
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