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To Walk a Dark Path Hawezar Side Quest


  • Find the Decaying Farmstead
  • Search for evidence of Symon - Kill the bandits at the Farmstead and one of them will drop a Lockbox Key.
  • Open the Forgotten Lockbox
  • Travel to Tibault’s Grasp
  • Speak with the Frightened Pilgrim
  • Subdue the Frightened Pilgrims
  • Speak with the Frightened Pilgrim


Note: This quest will only become available after completing Act V.

Detailed Location

  • Zarbinzet, Hawezar.

In-Game Description

Father Dymus, the priest of Zarbinzet has asked me to look for signs of his curate Symon who left on a journey with a stranger several weeks past. Symon’s journal page says they were headed to a ruined farmstead to the east.

A forgotten lockbox held another of Symon’s journal pages. It seems his companion is a swordsman who has promised him great knowledge. Their next stop is the statue of Tibault, further east.

Upon arriving at the statue of Tibault, I was set upon by distraught pilgrims. Apparently this one-eyed swordsman caused them great distress. Perhaps they know where Symon went next.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 9523 Y: 16155
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