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By Three They Come Hawezar Side Quest


  • Meet Sev outside Esret
  • Enter the Esret Chapel
  • Enter the "Halls of Dark Portent" iconHalls of Dark Portent
  • Search for traces of Elias
  • Break down the door
  • Slay the ghouls
  • Investigate the room beyond
  • Slay the "Blood Echo" iconBlood Echo
  • Inspect Symon’s corpse
  • Collect Symon’s Tattered Journal
  • Return to Father Dymus


This is the final quest in the "To Walk a Dark Path" iconTo Walk a Dark Path side questline in Hawezar. This quest immediately begins after completing "Turbulent Waters" iconTurbulent Waters.

Detailed Location

  • Mangrove Snarl, Hawezar.

In-Game Description

After a small bribe, Sev was willing to tell me about Elias’s ultimate goal: the ruins of a town called Esret, forgotten in the southern wetlands. She showed me its location, and promised to meet me there, if only to face her fears of what occured there.

Elias and his mercenaries broke through the floor of the Esret chapel and descended into the dark depths inside. I must prepare myself to do the same.

I should return Symon’s things to Father Dymus. He will be heartbroken by the news, but he deserves to know the truth.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 16050 Y: 18099

Starts immediately after finishing "Turbulent Waters" iconTurbulent Waters.

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