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An Errant Flock Kehjistan Side Quest


  • Accompany the Traveler.

  • Speak with the Traveler.

  • Defend the group.

  • Speak with the Traveler.

  • Accompany the Traveler.


+30 Kehjistan Renown

Detailed Location

This quest can be initiated in the small Southern Expanse area (not the sub-region), to the west of the Abandoned Market of Caldeum. Here you’ll find a group of townsfolk and an armed man. The armed man will ask you to help the townsfolk flee to safety.

Follow the Traveler southwest while defeating the random enemies until he stops. Talk to him, and you’ll get ambushed by "Scorched Stinger" iconScorched Stingers. Defeat them, and continue following the Traveler until he stops again. Talk to him one final time to complete the quest. You’ll find out that the Traveler is called Edgar, and you’ll get a follow-up quest called "Acts of Atonement" iconActs of Atonement bringing you to "Gea Kul" iconGea Kul.

In-Game Description

  • A mysterious armed man has asked for my assistance escorting a group of townsfolk to safety as they flee Caldeum.

  • A swarm of giant wasps threaten the group, I should help remove the threat.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 4714 Y: 15337
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