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Pinch of Poison Kehjistan Side Quest


  • Collect "Scorpion" iconScorpion Venom Glands in Kehjistan (15)

  • Return to Baraim


+20 Kehjistan Renown on completion.

Detailed Location

  • Once you reach the later stages of Act VI, head to "Gea Kul" iconGea Kul in the Southern Expanse region of Kehjistan.

In-Game Description

The proprietor of the Watering Hole in "Gea Kul" iconGea Kul asked me to collect venom glands from the scorpions found all throughout Kehjistan. They are most common in the Amber Sands to the north.

There must be easier ways to get poison in a town as seedy as "Gea Kul" iconGea Kul… What could he need these for?

I have collected the venom glands for Baraim. I should return to the Watering Hole tavern in "Gea Kul" iconGea Kul for a reward.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 2103 Y: 16349
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