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A Briny Fate Scosglen Side Quest


  • Search for Benen at Stormbreak Cove
    You must now head over to the map marker area to find Benen.

  • Speak with the Wounded Sailor
    The sailor can be found at Stormbreak Cove, right on the eastern shoreline. Speak to him here.

  • Search for Benen at Eternal Watch
    You learn that Benen is further north at Eternal Watch so head that way. You must now find the right corpse among the dead sailors by examining them all. Eventually you will find the Crew Strongbox and inside a letter from Benen explaining what happened.

  • Tell Fergus about Benen
    Return to Fergus back in Marowen and give him the news to complete the quest.


+20 Scosglen Renown upon completion.

Detailed Location

Talk to Fergus in Marowen (Northshore).

In-Game Description

Fergus’s best friend, Benen, has gone missing at sea. Rumors say his vessel crashed along the northern coast.
I should investigate the rocky coast and see if I can find evidence of Benen’s fate.

I found a wounded sailor from Benen’s shipwreck. He was not sure of Benen’s fate, but said any survivors would have washed up along Eternal Watch. There’s chance he’s still alive.

Benen wasn’t on the ship that crashed at Eternal Watch. He departed earlier in the voyage, leaving a letter for Fergus. It spoke to the harsh reality of their friendship and Benen’s desire to be free of Fergus’s drinking and misery. I should return to Fergus and share Benen’s fate.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 8902 Y: 3035

Talk to Fergus to begin the quest.

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