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The Bear of Blackweald Scosglen Side Quest


  • Speak with Torben
    Just a little north from where you find the Pyre victim in The Scar, go and meet Torben to discuss the next, and final, steps of this saga.

  • Enter the "Seared Hollow" iconSeared Hollow
    After speaking with Torben, a new side quest dungeon will open up behind him called the Seared Hollow.

  • Find Stana with Torben
    The Seared Hollow is just a small cave, so simply follow the path, kill the bandits and you will find Stana at the end of the cave.

  • Defeat Stana
    Stana is a crossbow-wielding rogue type. She leaves explosive mines around the room, can dash and shift quickly, dodging attacks, and inflict the Vulnerable status on players. Her health pool isn’t massive but her ability to dodge attacks and evade melee is an annoyance.
    After her defeat and the subsequent cutscene, you will complete the quest.


+20 Scosglen Renown upon completion.

Detailed Location

  • This quest will begin immediately upon completing of the "Chasing Embers" iconChasing Embers side quest.

In-Game Description

Thanks to a victim’s last words, we’ve learned Blackweald Company is hiding within the depths of the Scar-capturing victims for profane death by burning. Blackweald’s ruthless leader, Stana, survived the burning of Brione and is leading their return. Torben is clearly incensed by this news. It’s time we put and end to Blackweald Company.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 16393 Y: 6527
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