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Flame Skewer Flame Art


This Ash of War grants an armament the Flame Art affinity and the following skill: “"Flame Skewer" iconFlame Skewer: Skill of Queelign of the "Fire Knight" iconFire Knights. Enwreathe armament in flame and assume a low stance before skewering the enemy in a single motion. Strong attack unleashes a follow-up flame attack.” Usable on medium and large armaments capable of thrusting.


"Flame Skewer" iconFlame Skewer Ash of War

Weapon Classes

"Straight Sword" iconStraight Sword Base Game
"Greatsword" iconGreatsword Base Game
"Colossal Sword" iconColossal Sword Base Game
"Katana" iconKatana Base Game
"Twinblade" iconTwinblade Base Game
"Thrusting Sword" iconThrusting Sword Base Game
"Spear" iconSpear Base Game
"Great Spear" iconGreat Spear Base Game
"Halberd" iconHalberd Base Game
"Thrusting Shield" iconThrusting Shield Shadow of the Erdtree
"Light Greatsword" iconLight Greatsword Shadow of the Erdtree
"Great Katana" iconGreat Katana Shadow of the Erdtree

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Realm of Shadows Map

X: 6809 Y: 7482

Dropped by Fire Knight Queelign upon his death.

Marker screenshot

2. Realm of Shadows Map

X: 5910 Y: 8309

Dropped by "Fire Knight Queelign" iconFire Knight Queelign when killing him for the second time.

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