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Cloud Strife

An ex-soldier turned mercenary who comes to Midgar to start anew.…

Cloud’s combat style revolves around the use of his sword, with…

Item icon
Barret Wallace

The leader of an Avalanche cell, he initiates attacks against…

Armed with a gunarm, Barret excels in ranged combat. He compensates…

"Bonus Round" iconBonus Round Barret
"Focused Shot" iconFocused Shot Barret
Lifesaver Barret
Point Blank Barret
Smackdown Barret

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Tifa Lockhart

A loyal but conflicted member of Avalanche, Tifa struggles with…

Tifa’s fighting style is characterized by her use of martial…

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Aerith Gainsborough

The last descendant of the Cetra, Aerith is kidnapped by Shinra…

Aerith wields magic with her staff, casting spells from a distance…

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A beast with the ability to speak, Red XIII escapes from Shinra’s…

Red XIII attacks with beastly ferocity, using his claws and flaming…

Chilling Roar Red XIII
Crescent Claw Red XIII
Reaper Touch Red XIII
"Stardust Ray" iconStardust Ray Red XIII
Supernal Fervor Red XIII
"Amethyst Collar" iconAmethyst Collar Red XIII
Brisingamen Red XIII
"Golden Collar" iconGolden Collar Red XIII
Mystic Collar Red XIII
"Mythril Collar" iconMythril Collar Red XIII
"Silver Collar" iconSilver Collar Red XIII

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Yuffie Kisaragi

A Wutai ninja on a mission to steal the “ultimate materia” from…

Yuffie employs a blend of long- and close-range combat using…

Banishment Yuffie
Blindside Yuffie
Doppelganger Yuffie
Purification Yuffie
Shooting Star Yuffie
Windstorm Yuffie

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Cait Sith

A robotic cat atop a large moogle, Cait Sith is popular for his…

Cait is known for using magical attacks and a unique set of…

Fortune Telling Cait Sith
Lady Luck Cait Sith
Moogle Kaboom Cait Sith
Moogle Knuckle Cait Sith
Moogle Magic Cait Sith
Moogle Mine Cait Sith
Roll o’ the Dice Cait Sith
"Crystal Megaphone" iconCrystal Megaphone Cait Sith
Gjallarhorn Cait Sith
Golden Megaphone Cait Sith
"Iron Megaphone" iconIron Megaphone Cait Sith
"Red Megaphone" iconRed Megaphone Cait Sith
"Yellow Megaphone" iconYellow Megaphone Cait Sith

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Once a celebrated soldier, Sephiroth’s presumed death is debunked…

His combat style is characterized by incredible strength, speed,…

Item icon
Zack Fair

A former soldier like Cloud, Zack survives a brutal battle and…

Zack’s combat style is similar to Cloud’s, focusing on swordplay.…