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Cosmo Canyon Region Regions

Official Description

An arid expanse marked by its vivid red earth and majestic ravines. Known as the “sanctuary of planetology,” here you can find numerous scholars dedicated to studying the planet. However, it is also populated by ascetics who have eschewed mako consumption and tourists enticed by the region’s deep spirituality. Rather than mako, the settlement itself relies on wind power. Numerous windmills dot the canyon, harnessing the gale-force winds that whistle between its walls.


"Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon is located in the South of the Western Continent, where countless valleys and caverns have formed in the red clay. In ages past, seismic activity forced this soil to the surface, where it was later eroded by the surging lifestream below, giving the region its unique appearance.

Throughout the year, the canyon sees very little rainfall, and the temperature variation between the plateaus and gorges is considerable. As such, it is extremely difficult to grow crops, and the mere act of survival is a daily struggle. Nevertheless, the canyon is a prime destination for students of planetology. In addition to scholars and devotees, many tourists can also be found here, seeking to take in the ““mystical”” air. In more practical terms, the arid conditions and lack of cloud cover facilitate the observation of celestial bodies, making the canyon popular among astronomers.


The founders of the canyon’s eponymous village made use of the naturally formed caves, and following the emergence of planetology, more and more people found themselves drawn to the place. The makeshift walkways and tent-like domiciles have only increased in number as the settlement continues to expand to this day.

Rather than rely on mako, the villagers built an array of windmills, and each home is equipped to store the generated electricity. A leading planetologist, Bugenhagen, introduced this form of wind power to "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon, and it is said his technical marvel was inspired by the ways of the Cetra.
When it comes to nutrition, the villagers’ diet consists mainly of grain and legumes grown around the village, supplemented by game meat obtained with traditional hunting methods.


In the distant past, the Cetra made contact with the Gi, entities who could not return to the lifestream. Pitying their plight, the Cetra built altars to commune with and calm these tormented souls in the hope of finding a means to coexist peaceably.

Over time, the Cetra grew increasingly aware of the dire fate that would befall the planet, and resolved to entrust their knowledge to the people of "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon. These teachings would become the foundation of planetology, which continues to be refined through research and discourse even as it is spread throughout the world.
When the Cetra finally departed Cosmo Canyon, none remained to provide solace to the Gi, who in their festering anguish and rage were driven to turn on the villagers. Many brave warriors gave their lives to beat back these vengeful spirits, entombing them in their prison once more.

Enemies in this Area

"Sahagin Warrior" iconSahagin Warrior Biological

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