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Grasslands Regions

Official Description

A vast, verdant expanse of land rich with mako. These plains are dotted with smaller outposts and planetary fonts waiting to be discovered. Adventure lies beyond the swamplands, but you’ll need to rent a Chocobo from the local ranch if you want to cross.


In stark contrast to the barren, mako-ravaged outskirts of Midgar, the ecosystem of the grasslands remains relatively unscathed. Streams flowing from the central mountain range nourish the lush meadows below, which sustain a diverse range of species. Ranchers and farmers also benefit greatly from this bountiful environment.

Vast wetlands make up much of the southern region. In days past, boats and Chocobo carriages were a common sight, but as most goods are now transported by sea or air, traffic through the wetlands has steadily decreased. Moreover, as an immense, man-eating serpent dubbed "Midgardsormr" iconMidgardsormr has been sighted in this area of late, few dare to brave the old trails. Even those capable of evading the gargantuan snake may yet fall victim to one of the many inescapable quagmires.


This humble town serves as a transport hub for the grasslands, hence the distinctive bailey built for the monitoring of commercial and private traffic. During the war with the Republic of Junon, Shinra saw fit to occupy KaIm, due to its stout fortifications and strategic value, and it has remained under company control ever since.

As it lacks a reactor of its own, KaIm is reliant on Midgar and its pipelines for a steady supply of mako, which is stored in a large tank for regulated use. This arrangement allows the residents to enjoy both modern conveniences and a healthy environment—a combination that has attracted many new residents of late.

Ten years ago, a significant portion of the town was “damaged,” though Shinra quickly intervened and carried out a comprehensive reconstruction effort. Details regarding the incident and the extent of the destruction are sparse.


A natural passage through the mountains between Junon and the grasslands, this mine has long served as a rich source of mythril. The mineral boasts an exquisite shimmer and remarkable strength, and was historically used to fashion the very finest weapons and armor, but it fell out of favor after Shinra developed superior synthetic materials.

After the mine was closed, the Republic of Junon converted it into a tunnel for the general public, allowing travel to and from the grasslands. The glistening mythril deposits drew regular sightseers as well. Following Shinra’s triumph over the republic, however, the tunnel has been effectively abandoned. Various sections have fallen into disrepair, and the depths are host to untold dangers.

Enemies in this Area

"Aggrevrikon" iconAggrevrikon Biological
"Archdragon" iconArchdragon Biological
"Crawler" iconCrawler Biological
"Crystalline Crab" iconCrystalline Crab Biological
"Elphadunk" iconElphadunk Biological
"Enmidunk" iconEnmidunk Biological
"Flan" iconFlan Biological
"Grasslands Wolf" iconGrasslands Wolf Biological
"Levrikon" iconLevrikon Biological
"Mandragora" iconMandragora Biological
"Mandrake" iconMandrake Biological
"Mi" iconMi Biological
"Midgardsormr" iconMidgardsormr Biological
"Mu" iconMu Biological
"Mythril Golem" iconMythril Golem Unreadable
"Noxicap" iconNoxicap Biological
"Ogre" iconOgre Biological
"Orc" iconOrc Biological
"Quetzalcoatl" iconQuetzalcoatl Biological
"Thunderclaw" iconThunderclaw Biological
"Toxirat" iconToxirat Biological
"Venorat" iconVenorat Biological
"White Terror" iconWhite Terror Biological

Characters in this Area

"Chloe" iconChloe Quest Givers
"Fritz Bellenger" iconFritz Bellenger Quest Givers
"Oliver" iconOliver Quest Givers

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