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014 Quetzalcoatl Standard



Card Overview

  • Chapter Availability: Chapter 2
  • Location: Grasslands (Kalm City)
  • Card Pack: Queen’s Blood Booster Pack: "Ruffians" iconRuffians
  • Vendor: "Kalm Item Vendor" iconKalm Item Vendor
  • Vendor Location: Eastern side of the river in Kalm City

How to Obtain / Card Location

To obtain the "Quetzalcoatl" iconQuetzalcoatl card in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, players should explore the Grasslands area within Kalm City during Chapter 2. This card is included in the Queen’s Blood Booster Pack: "Ruffians" iconRuffians, and can be purchased from the Kalm item vendor situated on the eastern side of the river within the city confines.

Card Vendor / Player

Queens Blood Booster Pack

"Ruffians" iconRuffians QB Booster Packs

Card Screenshot

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