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Sleep Debuffs


"Sleep" iconSleep induces a state of unconsciousness in the affected character, rendering them unable to take any actions until they are awoken. This incapacitating status effect can significantly hinder the affected character’s effectiveness in battle, leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Methods of Application

Equip "Binding Materia" iconBinding Materia at any level to unlock the "Sleep" iconSleep spell.

Enemies that can apply the Sleep effect with special attacks include but are not limited to:


  • Renders the affected character unable to act until awoken.
  • Disables the character’s ability to evade attacks.


  • Can be cured using items such as "Remedy" iconRemedy or Esuna, or by being hit by a physical attack.
  • Affected characters remain susceptible to damage from attacks while asleep.
  • Can be guarded against with protective equipment like "Headband" iconHeadband, "Warding Materia" iconWarding Materia combined with "Binding Materia" iconBinding Materia, or Ribbon.


"Sleep" iconSleep is a debilitating status effect that incapacitates the affected character, leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks until they are awoken. Effective management of Sleep status is essential for maintaining the party’s combat effectiveness and ensuring their survival in battle.

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