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Coctura Arlund Characters

In-game Description

Owner of "Galdin Quay" iconGaldin Quay’s world-famous "Mother of Pearl" iconMother of Pearl. When the quay’s tourism counsel began rebuilding Galdin as a resort destination, they sought out Coctura to serve as head chef of their new bistro-on-the-beach. She kindly obliged, and the restaurant has since earned quite a name for itself thanks in large part to her exquisite cuisine. She now spends her days honing her culinary craft, hoping to prove her food finer than the fare served at Altissian café Maagho.

Though Coctura can whip up dishes from a wide range of cuisines, she specializes in seafood. Her proficiency in pescatarian cooking stems from her uncle Navyth’s love of fishing. When she was younger, she learned how to gut and prepare the fish he caught—an experience that inspired a passion for the culinary arts. Although she cut ties with her “fish-crazy fool of an uncle” due to pressure from her cooking school peers, Navyth still proudly sports the protective pendant she gave him as a little girl.

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