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Angelgard Almanac

In-game Description

Mysterious island off the coast of "Galdin Quay" iconGaldin Quay, long rumoured to be the spot where the gods gathered. Some devotees used to offer prayers from the dock of the quay, but none ever set sail for the Umbral Isle to make their prayers in person. The island is regarded as sacred ground never to be tread upon: not even the royal family is allowed access.

A series of reefs surround "Angelgard" iconAngelgard cutting through the oceanic currents and threatening to sink any ships that veer too close. While ferries and fishing boats typically avoid the island, some truly adventurous anglers have been known to approach the Umbral Isle in hopes of landing a big haul, but those reckless souls rarely return.


The Datalog is a category of items that can be collected and read by the player to gain deeper insights into the game’s world and lore. These items include books, journals, and documents that provide background information on various aspects of the game, such as the history of the world, the cultures of different regions, and the backgrounds of important characters. Lore can also teach useful skills, such as new recipes. Lore can be found throughout the game world, often in treasure chests, on bookshelves, or as quest rewards. Reading these materials can provide a rich and immersive experience, as they offer a glimpse into the intricate details and hidden meanings of the game world.

How to Obtain

Found at "Galdin Quay" iconGaldin Quay, the resort located to the south of the "Leide" iconLeide region. Found at the end of the pier that overlooks the island in the distance.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 9762 Y: 9462

Found at the end of the pier, overlooking the island.

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