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Fodina Caestino Almanac

In-game Description

Quarry boasting the richest reserves in all of Niflheim. After the mines shut down, a variety of wild plants dug their roots into the rubble, defying the natural terrain and gradually transforming the arid basin into a makeshift marshland.

Although the quarry lies in imperial territory, the mines are said to house a royal tomb. Local legends say the oldest king in "Eos" iconEos is interred within, but many Cartanicans dismiss these claims as mere fabrications—tall tales trumped up by imperial trying to appropriate the legacy of Lucis for themselves.

The truth about the tomb lies buried somewhere beneath the silt and soil. Some suppose the daemon-deterring mausoleum was erected as a sign of friendship between kingdom and empire in an age when the two nations enjoyed amiable relations. The scars of war are visible across the land, while symbols of peace remain hidden from our sight.


The Datalog is a category of items that can be collected and read by the player to gain deeper insights into the game’s world and lore. These items include books, journals, and documents that provide background information on various aspects of the game, such as the history of the world, the cultures of different regions, and the backgrounds of important characters. Lore can also teach useful skills, such as new recipes. Lore can be found throughout the game world, often in treasure chests, on bookshelves, or as quest rewards. Reading these materials can provide a rich and immersive experience, as they offer a glimpse into the intricate details and hidden meanings of the game world.

How to Obtain

The end of the stationary train opposite the train you arrived on, just beyond the rest area. This is missable if you don’t pick it up during Chapter 10 (outside of Chapter Select).

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