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Hammerhead Almanac

In-game Description

Pit stop situated in the easternmost reaches of the Lucian continent. Owned and operated by Crown City-born mechanic "Cid Sophiar" iconCid Sophiar and his grease monkey granddaughter "Cindy Aurum" iconCindy Aurum.

Unlike most service stations that cater only to customers of the automotive variety, "Hammerhead" iconHammerhead offers food and trinkets for their drivers as well. Coupled with Cid and Cindy’s frank-but-friendly conversational style, this outpost serves as an oasis that soothes the souls of roadsters weary of the Leiden plains.

First-time visitors beware: if you wish to remain on Cid’s good side, refrain from asking about the origin of the garage’s name.


The Datalog is a category of items that can be collected and read by the player to gain deeper insights into the game’s world and lore. These items include books, journals, and documents that provide background information on various aspects of the game, such as the history of the world, the cultures of different regions, and the backgrounds of important characters. Lore can also teach useful skills, such as new recipes. Lore can be found throughout the game world, often in treasure chests, on bookshelves, or as quest rewards. Reading these materials can provide a rich and immersive experience, as they offer a glimpse into the intricate details and hidden meanings of the game world.

How to Obtain

Found in "Hammerhead" iconHammerhead in the "Leide" iconLeide region. On a cannister next to the arms vendor.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 10818 Y: 6884
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