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Elixir Consumable

In-game Description

A legendary energy drink that takes on superior restorative properties by way of Noctis’s powers. Fully restores HP and MP, regenerating half of maximum HP.


Restores 100% of the target’s current HP, 50% of max HP, and 100% of MP. Removes Danger and Stasis.

Used as Catalyst

"Tricast" iconTricast Spells

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Daurell Caverns Map

X: 2195 Y: 3212
Marker screenshot

2. Crestholm Channels Map

X: 2947 Y: 4636
Marker screenshot

3. Crestholm Channels Map

X: 5347 Y: 6530
Marker screenshot

4. Crestholm Channels Map

X: 2073 Y: 5297
Marker screenshot

5. Crestholm Channels Map

X: 6237 Y: 6224
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