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Prissock General Store Grocer


The "Prissock General Store" iconPrissock General Store is a small, but well-stocked shop which is located at the "Lestallum" iconLestallum Outpost in the Cleigne region. The store carries a range of ingredients for cooking like vegetables and meat. The shopkeeper is friendly and knowledgeable about the area, and is happy to provide advice and recommendations to travelers passing through.

Items for Sale

Item Gil Type Info
"Fine Gighee Ham" iconFine Gighee Ham 400 Ingredients Used for cooking "Charcuterie on Toast" iconCharcuterie on Toast, "Stacked Ham Sandwich" iconStacked Ham Sandwich, "Golden Egg Galette" iconGolden Egg Galette, and Golden Chocobo Tart.
"Gigantoad" iconGigantoad Steak 520 Ingredients Used for cooking "Toadsteak Drumsticks" iconToadsteak Drumsticks, "Croaker in Brown Sauce" iconCroaker in Brown Sauce, and Hot Hopper Skewers.
"Garulessa" iconGarulessa Steak 670 Ingredients Used for cooking Prime "Garula" iconGarula Rib, Garulessandwich, Horntooth Meat Pie, and Semur Skewers.
"Griffon Breast" iconGriffon Breast 3200 Ingredients Used for cooking "Hearty Cutlet on Rice" iconHearty Cutlet on Rice, "King's Stew" iconKing’s Stew, and Hearty Stir-Fry.
"Midgardsormr Shank" iconMidgardsormr Shank 2400 Ingredients Used for cooking "Seasoned Midgardsormr" iconSeasoned Midgardsormr.
"Shieldshears Claw" iconShieldshears Claw 180 Ingredients Used for cooking "Creamy Crustacean Omelette" iconCreamy Crustacean Omelette, "Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl" iconEgg-Fried Crustacean Bowl, Tomalley-Filled Dumplings, and "Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry" iconSweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry.
"Schier Turmeric" iconSchier Turmeric 250 Ingredients Used for cooking Grilled Wild Barramundi, "Garden Curry" iconGarden Curry, "Beanball Croquettes" iconBeanball Croquettes, and "Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper" iconLegendary Herb-Grilled Whopper.
Hulldagh Nutmeg 600 Ingredients Used for cooking "Lestallum Stewed Tripe" iconLestallum Stewed Tripe, "Nebula Salmon Teriyaki" iconNebula Salmon Teriyaki, "Smoked Behemoth" iconSmoked Behemoth, and "Seasoned Midgardsormr" iconSeasoned Midgardsormr.
"Cleigne Wheat" iconCleigne Wheat 100 Ingredients Used for cooking "Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich" iconGrease Monkey’s Schnitzel Sandwich, Fried Frontier Skewer, "Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings" iconCrown City Dive-Style Dumplings, "Ace Hunter's Schnitzel" iconAce Hunter’s Schnitzel, Fluffy Chiffon Cake, "Cannedwich" iconCannedwich, Meldacio Meat Pie, "Crispy Fish Fritterwich" iconCrispy Fish Fritterwich, "Beanball Croquettes" iconBeanball Croquettes, "Golden Egg Galette" iconGolden Egg Galette, Garulessandwich, Horntooth Meat Pie, "Karlabos Cream Croquettes" iconKarlabos Cream Croquettes, and "Fishsticks on Sticks" iconFishsticks on Sticks.
Malmashroom 1000 Ingredients Used for cooking "Creamy Milk Risotto" iconCreamy Milk Risotto, "Three-Mushroom Kebabs" iconThree-Mushroom Kebabs, and "Marrowshroom Chowder" iconMarrowshroom Chowder.
"Cygillan Crab" iconCygillan Crab 300 Ingredients Used for cooking "Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab" iconSweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab, and "Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry" iconSweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry.
"Smoking Wood" iconSmoking Wood 310 Ingredients Used for cooking "Smoked Behemoth" iconSmoked Behemoth


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