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Bert's Bobbers 'n' Stuff Shops


Bert’s Bobbers ‘n’ Stuff is a fishing shop located at "The Vesperpool" iconThe Vesperpool in the Cleigne region of Final Fantasy XV. It offers a wide selection of fishing gear, including various types of rods, reels, and lures. The shop also sells a variety of fish-related items, such as fish food and bait.

Items for Sale

Item Cost
Spider Silk 30
Super Baleen 100
Dragon’s Beard 500
Stinker: "Malboro" iconMalboro 200
Stinker: "Malbodoom" iconMalbodoom 200
Stinker: Great "Malboro" iconMalboro 200
Giant Needle: 10,000 "Gigantuar" iconGigantuar 200
Giant Needle: 10,000 Metal "Gigantuar" iconGigantuar 200
Giant Needle: 10,000 Gold "Gigantuar" iconGigantuar 200
Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm 200
Burrower: Green Sandworm 200
Burrower: Abyss Sandworm 200
Death Spin 12,000
Nereid 9,600

Level 3: Tackle shops offer a 10% discount
Level 6: Tackle shops offer a 30% discount
Level 9: Tackle shops offer a 50% discount


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 5248 Y: 4808
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