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The Mutant Marauder Main Quest

In-game Description

“Dave informs the group of a mutant dualhorn running amok. Up for a challenge, Noctis agrees to take it down.”


Location Quest Giver Level Exp
"Hammerhead" iconHammerhead Dave 2 200


  • Gain Access to "Fort Vaullerey" iconFort Vaullerey
  • Survey Fort Vaullerey
  • Knock Out Caligo
  • Regroup
  • Defeat The Imperial Forces

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Final Fantasy XV World Map

X: 10312 Y: 6564

Located north of the shack where Dave was rescued. This quest is initiated after completing "The Pauper Prince" iconThe Pauper Prince.

Reward: 1 AP and a "Red Tusk" iconRed Tusk. All party members are rewarded with 200 XP.

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