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Dzemekys Falls The Dhalmekian Republic

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Basic Information

A vast cavity in the earth located in the Steps of the Forgotten—a desolate coastal region of eastern Dhalmekia. Despite the fact that, for centuries, seawater from the Strait of Autha has flowed into the plumbless crater without cease, it shows no sign of filling. The tragic tale that came to be known as the Sins of "Dzemekys" iconDzemekys is said to have taken place here.

Hidden Truths

A vast, circular cavity carved from the Dhalmekian coast, it is here the Mothercrystal known as "Dzemekys" iconDzemekys once stood. In the age of the Fallen, man, hoping to claim the power of the gods, laid siege to the crystal in an attempt to gain entry to its aether-rich heart. Rather than attempt to fend off the assault, he instead responded by destroying the Mothercrystal and its heart—the great crater left behind standing as a reminder of man’s hubris.

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The Dhalmekian Republic
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