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Waft Emitter Misc


Piss off bugs with a variety of pungent bug part concotions that waft thrrough the yeard. Different stenches target the different factions to create swarms of that faction to seek you out.

Typically, the items you place into this WaftEmitter reflect the factions that item belongs to. Moreso, the higher tier the item is the use, the more likely you’ll anger the faction. For example, a T1 "Bee" iconBee item will anger the bee faction slightly, whereas a T3 "Black Ox Beetle" iconBlack Ox Beetle item will significantly anger the Black Ox beetle faction.

How to Craft this Item

This item is something you can find in the consturction menu under the misc section. You will need resources and the right tecnhology to build the "Waft Emitter" iconWaft Emitter.


No Tier

Used In

"Ladybug Head" iconLadybug Head Natural Resources
"Ladybug Part" iconLadybug Part Natural Resources
"Tough Gunk" iconTough Gunk Natural Resources
"Clay" iconClay Natural Resources
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