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Black Ox Hammer Busting


A hammer so strong it can bust open almost all natural materials.

This is a tier 3 hammer, used to harvesting tier 3 resources that require a hammer tool, such as gathering "Supreme Marble Shard" iconSupreme Marble Shards, "Supreme Quartzite Shard" iconSupreme Quartzite Shards, "Toenail" iconToenail and more.

How to Craft this Item

The Black OX Hammer requires a Workbench to craft, alonmgside the "Black Ox Horn" iconBlack Ox Horn, "Black Ox Part" iconBlack Ox Part, and "Pupa Leather" iconPupa Leather.

The Black OX Horn and Parts are acquired by defeating "Black Ox Beetle" iconBlack Ox Beetles, awhile the Puip Leather can be made by drying "Pupa Hide" iconPupa Hide in the Workbench. Pupa is an item that is found throughout the Upper Grasslands in dirty areas or dangling from varius roof areas.


"Black Ox Horn" iconBlack Ox Horn Natural Resources
"Black Ox Part" iconBlack Ox Part Natural Resources
"Pupa Leather" iconPupa Leather Misc
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