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Love Magic Equipment

In-game Description

An adult goods store. Some of their merchandise may even be useful in a fight, hopefully not between partners.

Store Features
A store that deals in weapons and 4* armour for the Bar Maid ,"Idol" iconIdol and "Night Queen" iconNight Queen.



Item Cost (yen) Job Type
"Back Breaker" iconBack Breaker ¥14,000,000 "Night Queen" iconNight Queen
"Elegant Bag" iconElegant Bag ¥3,500,000 Bar Maid
"Floral Microphone" iconFloral Microphone ¥500,000 "Idol" iconIdol
"Imitation Bag" iconImitation Bag ¥565,000 Bar Maid
"Rock Star Bag" iconRock Star Bag ¥14,000,000 Bar Maid
"Temptress's Whip" iconTemptress’s Whip ¥500,000 "Night Queen" iconNight Queen
"Twinkle Microphone" iconTwinkle Microphone ¥3,500,000 "Idol" iconIdol
"Whip of Dissapointment" iconWhip of Dissapointment ¥3,500,000 "Night Queen" iconNight Queen
"Winged Microphone" iconWinged Microphone ¥14,000,000 "Idol" iconIdol



Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Isezaki Ijincho (Yokohama) Map

X: 8333 Y: 10889
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