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Part of the Divine

Damarose the Marked receives her divine reward.

Trophy/Achievement Icon
Game: Lords of the Fallen (2023)
Steam AchievementsSteam
Rarity: 0.10% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Story

Players will need to complete the Inferno ending of the game and find the fate of Damarose. To make sure this happens, you need to speak to her in the Sanctuary before Scourged Sister boss, and then speak to her again before the Mistress of Hounds at the end of Pilgrim’s Perch. From there, you can find her in Fitzroy’s Gorge near a ledge and another on the Shrine to Adyr cave after the Ravager boss. Now you need to grab the Mark of Adyr from the Abbey of Hallowed Sisters, and then use it to open the way to Bramis Castle. Doing so will award the player with the ability to see Damarose’s quest completion to its fullest.

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