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Visit every settlement in the world in a game.

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Game: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Steam AchievementsSteam
Rarity: 0.00% (Ultra Rare)
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The Explorer achievement takes some serious dedication to obtain. If you’re committed to a long campaign playthrough, you’ll probably visit most of the major settlements eventually, but covering every single one may require you to keep track of things if you can’t remember where you’ve been previously. An important thing to note here is that you only need to visit the settlements which are still shown on the map when you zoom out completely. You don’t need to visit each castle or village. There are 52 settlements which count towards this achievement, listed below in accordance with who controls them at the beginning of a campaign. Keep in mind that ownership of each will shift randomly based on the way your campaign plays out.


  • Quyaz
  • Sanala
  • Razih
  • Qasira
  • Hubyar
  • Askar
  • Iyakis


  • Car Banseth
  • Dunglanys
  • Seonon
  • Pen Cannoc
  • Marunath


  • Baltakhand
  • Makeb
  • Ortongard
  • Chaikand
  • Akkalat
  • Odokh

Northern Empire

  • Argoron
  • Amprela
  • Epicrotea
  • Diathma
  • Saneopa
  • Myzea


  • Sibir
  • Tyal
  • Varnovapol
  • Balgard
  • Omor
  • Varcheg
  • Revyl

Southern Empire

  • Syronea
  • Phycaon
  • Lycaron
  • Onira
  • Poros
  • Danustica
  • Vostrum


  • Ostican
  • Rovalt
  • Ocs Hall
  • Pravend
  • Galend
  • Jaculan
  • Sargot
  • Charas

Western Empire

  • Lageta
  • Rhotae
  • Amitatys
  • Jalmarys
  • Ortysia
  • Zoenica
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