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Logan Bachelors


A notorious outlaw living in the Eufaula Desert. Despite his reputation, he’s on the side of justice.


He can be found at his hideout.


Main Quests:

  • Cover My "Glass" iconGlass
  • Where’s "Mi-an" iconMi-an
  • Appetite for Construction
  • The Kidnapping
  • ⁠Mystical Investigations
  • ⁠The Goat
  • ⁠Fall from "Grace" iconGrace
  • ⁠Duvos Attacks!
  • ⁠The Battle of Sandrock

Side Quests:

  • "Andy" iconAndy’s Last Wish
  • Cornered Beasts
  • ⁠The Outpost

Romance Quests:

  • ⁠Bumpy Date
  • ⁠True Love’s Treasure

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sandrock World Map

X: 2236 Y: 1716
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