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Illusionist Ginger Alabasta Enemies


A scientist who is intrigued with the hallucinogenic
side effects of the "Mezcal Cactus" iconMezcal Cactus, and studies the toxin.
Her plan is to manipulate the cactus’s toxin to make
medicine that gives happy dreams. Her experiments
have failed many times, causing disturbances each time,
and she has been exiled from academia. She believes that
her dream will come true if she doesn’t give up, however,
and continues her research alone. She shrugs off any
inconveniences as being hallucination caused by the
Me\cal Cactus, going so far as to ignore her own
wanted poster.

Main Habitat


Dropped Items

"Mezcal Cactus" iconMezcal Cactus Materials


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