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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 21-04-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-04-2020 / 20:58 GMT

Ratchet & Clank Guide

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Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide (3)

Top Gunner

On Gaspar, you will receive the Jetpack for turning in 10 Telepathopus brains to the scientists, which is part of the main story. With this gadget, you are able to fly on specific planets (only a select few), which uses fuel that can be replenished via refueling stations. Anyway, you will need to fly around Gaspar to find the Telepathopus brains, but to get this trophy, you need to kill 40 enemies while flying with the Jetpack. Even if you’ve exhausted all of the enemies on one particular visit, there are many that respawn upon subsequent visits, so you can keep doing that until you get the trophy.


When Sheep Fly

This trophy is quite missable, as there are only so many helicopter enemies in the game and if you miss your chance, then you’ll have to wait until Challenge Mode to gain access to them again. Also, the Sheepinator (the weapon required for this) doesn’t unlock at the Gadgetron vendor until you reach Kalebo III, which is the second to last place you explore in the game. Thankfully, a few helicopter enemies will appear on Kalebo III, but once you clear the planet, then you’ll have to wait until Challenge Mode, as they do not respawn. Other planets that have these enemies include Kerwan and Aridia (the latter only has one).


Warbots Into Ploughshares

On Quartu, you will visit the same warbot factory that created Clank, which is the same one he escaped from in the beginning of the game. In the main room of the facility are conveyor belts that have inactive warbots moving on them. Destroy ten of these inactive warbots (they are not like their moving counterparts) to net yourself a very easy trophy.


Pool Sharks Are The Worst

You may have encountered Pool Sharks on other planets, such as in the sewers on Rilgar, or even seen them swimming around. On Pokitaru, if you stray too far from land, a Pool Shark will come after you and devour your furry body, resulting in a one-hit kill. You can tell if one is close, as their fins will be sticking out of the water (similar to real-life sharks). Get eaten by one to get the trophy.


Character Assassination

During either visit to the Deplanetizer, you will come across Drek’s office, where you will find dioramas of planets on either side of the room. Hitting them with your weapons and even your wrench enough will destroy them. Do this with all of the planets in the room to net this trophy.


Et tu, Copernicus?

You won’t be able to get this trophy until your second visit to the Deplanetizer. Once you come out of the room with the two Drek statues, you will find a hallway with some other hallways on the side. You want the one side hallway with two locked doors. If you listen closely enough next to the one locked door, you will hear Qwark talking. Keep listening to him talk and upon him finishing, you will get the trophy.


Lazy Lombax

On Kalebo III, you will likely notice that there are moving walkways that generally serve no purpose. There’s a total of four of these on the planet and they will be needed for this trophy. Three are right on the path near your ship and the fourth one is in the final area right before the Gadgetron CEO’s office. All you need to do is stand on the one end of the walkways and just set down your controller, as you need to move to the other side without actually inputting any commands.


Death By Disco

This can definitely be one of the more annoying trophies in the game, as it requires you to use the Groovitron on all of the enemies in the game. While it’s possible to get this on your first playthrough, it requires you to go to Rilgar before Nebula G34, as there’s a boss at the latter and those definitely don’t respawn. Thus, it’s a lot better to wait until your Challenge Mode playthrough, as you will have access to the Groovitron from the beginning of the game, since your weapons carry over from your normal playthrough. The following is a list of enemies that count towards this trophy, as well as the first planet in which you can encounter them:

  • **Veldin** - Horned Toad, Flamethrower Robot, Blarg Blaster, Dropship, Warbot V1
  • **Novalis** - Peckbot, Bomber Bot
  • **Kerwan** - Robomutt, Blarg Brute, Helicopter
  • **Aridia** - Sandshark, Sandshark Hive, Constructobot
  • **Rilgar** - Extermibot, Extermitank, Amoeboid (all sizes), Pool Shark (not swimming)
  • **Nebula G34** - Green Horned Toad, Blarg Flamer, Blarg Snapper, Blarg Spitter, Snagglebeast (Boss)
  • **Gaspar** - Robomouse, Turret Gunner, Flying Dino, Robot Spinner, Robot Assembler, Warbot (Jetpack), Toxic Crab, Telepathopus V1
  • **Batalia** - Blarg Bomber, Cannonball Tank
  • **Quartu** - Zurkon, Mrs. Zurkon (Boss)
  • **Pokitaru** - Puffoid, Telepathopus V2, Purple Flying Dino
  • **Deplanetizer (First)** - Blarg Flyer, Robomutt Elite, Tank
  • **Kalebo III** - Warbot V2 (red)
  • **Deplanetizer (Second)** - Warbot V3 (yellow), Captain Qwark (Boss), Nefarious (Boss)
There are some conflicting reports that the trophy can be glitched, as people have unlocked it in the middle of a Challenge Mode playthrough (data carried over), while other people only unlocked it by using the weapon on all enemies listed in a single playthrough. Feel free to use it whenever on your first playthrough, but it's a good idea to do it against every enemy on a Challenge Mode playthrough.

Trader In Training

Holocards are the new collectible in this version of the game, with them coming in sets of three. There are two main methods of finding Holocards in the wild, the first being that they randomly drop from enemies. The other method is by finding packs that are scattered about on planets, similar to Gold Bolts. Sometimes, you will receive duplicates of cards you already have and once you have five of these, you can trade them for cards you don’t have. Complete a single Holocard set to get this trophy.



Every single weapon in the game has an upgrade "tree" that requires Raritanium in order to purchase the upgrades. While some Raritanium is hidden in levels, a majority of the mineral you get will be dropped from enemies. You can only buy these mods for weapons at any of the Gadgetron vendors, by pressing Square on the initial screen, with you getting a tutorial on this whole thing when you "land" on Novalis. Each mod will cost a single piece of Raritanium and all you have to do is purchase a single modification to get this trophy.



Challenge Mode is unlocked after completing the main story for the first time and one of its features is the bolt multipliers. As you kill enemies, this multiplier will keep increasing up to a maximum of x20, as long as you don’t get hit, which causes it to reset back to zero. Getting hit includes anything at all, from the ship battles and even the explosive crates in the Silver/Gold Cups on the hoverboard races. So, you’re going to need to do a lot of dodging while you kill a lot of enemies.

Naturally, you will likely want to stay away planets that have ranged enemies or bosses, and stick to those where you know the enemies can only damage you by melee attacks. The two easiest spots for this trophy are on planets Rilgar and Aridia, with the latter applying to your first visit. On Rilgar, find the ledge with the vendor and you should spot a bunch of Amoeboids (and Extermibots on a first visit). Do not jump down and kill the Amoeboids to see that they will continually respawn; use the vendor if you need more ammo (also a good way to level weapons).

The other method involves the first visit to Aridia and all of the Sandsharks that Skidd McMarx asks you to kill. What you want to do is kill as many as possible without fulfilling the objective, so you could do something as simple as leave the ones on the plateau alone. Once you feel like you’ve killed enough, either change the difficulty or quit/reload the game to get back and notice that all of the Sandsharks have respawned, with your bolt multiplier intact.


Trade Up

As you collect Holocards in the game, you will undoubtedly come across many instances where you don’t get new ones. These are actually duplicates and you’ll see that word on the Holocards screen, with a number beside it. Once you get five duplicates, you can press Triangle on the Holocards screen and trade them in for any normal Holocard you do not have yet (RYNO ones are off limits). Get a new card by trading like this to get this trophy.


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