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Ratchet & Clank
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
Editor(s): Jarrod Garripoli, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 21-04-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 02-04-2020 / 05:25 GMT

Ratchet & Clank Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Main Walkthrough

Nebula G34

As usual, you have three different paths you can go here, one of which is completely optional. For now, go to the opposite end of the vendor and go outside the airlock, where you’ll be controlling just Clank. Remember that Clank can only punch, so you can’t stay back and use weapons to kill enemies. Follow the path given out to you, watching out for the few enemies in the way, and hit the switch to open a door at the end. You’ll find a Springbot in here, so use it to reach the ledge on the one side, where there will be an upgrade for Clank, allowing him to reprogram any of those little bots you run into.

You get your first opportunity for this with the Springbot you just used, so grab it and hold Triangle, then select the Powerbot and toss it at the power source to open the next door. Right outside will be a new bot, the Bridgebot, which lets you create a bridge to cross to the next area. There will be another bot here and two different paths, although one leads to a dead end for now, so create a Bridgebot and use it to go where the enemies are, then grab that bot sitting there. Bring it back to the other path and extend another bridge, then take the first bot you used and have it as a Powerbot to open the door.

The Gadgebot Transformer (left) allows you to turn the little bots into any of the three forms they can take (right).

There’s one final puzzle here before you will be finished with this section of the map. Use the bot to spring up to the ledge, grab the other bot, and use it to open the door on the opposite end. Now, take the Springbot you created and turn it into a Powerbot, setting it on the power source directly on the other side of the open door. This will keep the door open and allow you to retrieve the other bot, which you can use both of them to open the final door. Your reward for completing this section of the map is the Magneboots , so grab them and return to Ratchet.

Top Secret Project

Go to the side with the vendor and take the path that doesn’t involve the warship, using the Trespasser to unlock the door. You should see some green gas spewing from the wall, which will hurt you if it touches you, so avoid it and take care of the frog-like enemies past the door. You’ll come upon a barrier in the next room, so hit both switches to the sides to open it up, then you’ll come upon another Trespasser puzzle. This one is completely optional, but solving it opens the door and enables you to get another RYNO Holocard . Anyway, in the next room, there will be more gas spewing out on the right side of the circular path, which leads to a Holocard Deck .

The other path will continue the level, so jump onto the ledges and use the Swingshot target to come to a room with some creatures inside of containers. Hitting the switches will release those critters, who will turn around and attack you (no thanks from them). The one with the green eye is the more dangerous of the two, as it has a ranged attack; the other one only does melee attacks, so ranged weapons work wonders. Continue on the path ahead of you until you come to another round room, which will have a lot of Crawlers (the frog-like enemies), as well as some of their bigger variants.

The slight problem with this room is that the big ones with ranged attacks are sitting on a ledge that you can’t reach unless you high jump, so you should use ranged weapons to kill them. You could also bypass this whole room by hitting the two switches near the barrier to make it disappear, but you miss the chance to grab a Gold Bolt on the upper level. The next room will be a circular room that has some barriers erected around it, sectioning it off (with enemies in each section). The switches to disable the barriers are on the central column, with the game telling you to throw your wrench at them, but you can also shoot them with your Combuster. At the end, there will be a vendor and another simple Trespasser puzzle, unlocking a door that leads to a boss fight!

BOSS - Blargian Snagglebeast

Well, that certainly is a whopper of a boss, although he’s only particularly challenging because of the arena, as well as his large health pool. The arena is dangerous, because there are little pools of lava all over it and falling into one will cause you to die, having to start the fight over from the beginning. Also, since the Snagglebeast has a lot of health, it’s likely that you will run out of ammo during the fight, so you’ll have to resort to running around and grabbing ammo from the crates that respawn.

As far as attacks go, the Snagglebeast goes through two (three total, although the same attacks seem to occur in the third phase) major phases, adding a new attack that it will use in the second/third phase. Also, in between the first and second, Crawlers will spawn, with more coming out during the second intermission, along with some of the larger variants. The Snagglebeast will pound the ground, making some lava erupt from the ground, usually underneath where you were standing. Should you be close to it, the Snagglebeast will clap its hands to try and smash you.


In addition to this, it can do a charge attack that seems to signal the transition to another phase. Starting with the second phase, it will gain a new attack, where the Snagglebeast will spew a stream of fire that it will drag back and forth along the ground, trying to hit you with it. Watch the fire’s movement and jump over it whenever it is moving quickly. If you got the Predator Launcher prior to going this route, then using it on the boss will be a tremendous help. Otherwise, the main weapons you will likely want to use are the Pixelizer and the Pyrocitor, as they seem to deal the most damage.

After the battle, you will get another Infobot, telling you about Planet Gaspar, which will be your next destination after you’re finished with this place.


Search the Warship

Opposite of the entrance that led you to the top secret project, is an option to board a warship to search for weapons. This is a relatively short section, where you will fight some enemies on a fairly linear path and once you get to the room at the end, you will find a new and shiny weapon waiting for you, the Predator Launcher . As soon as you grab the weapon, a self-destruct countdown will start, so you will need to haul butt out of the warship. Of course, some enemies will appear on your escape, so you get to test out your newly acquired weapon on them. Holding the fire button down allows you to lock onto enemies (up to four at the moment), and releasing it will fire the weapon. After narrowly escaping the warship, return to your ship and set sail to Planet Gaspar.

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