Ratchet & Clank Video: Ratchet & Clank (2016) - Blargian Snagglebeast Boss Fight - You did what?!

The Snagglebeast is fought on Nebula G34 and is the first boss of the game. The arena is one of the more troublesome spots during the game, as there are lava pools throughout that can hurt you, as well as kill you if you happen to stand in it for too long. There are ammo and Nanotech crates around the arena, but the latter doesn't respawn.

The Snagglebeast goes through three phases, with the transition between them being its charge attack; the second and third phases are the same. In between the phases, regular enemies will spawn; these will be the toad-like enemies at first, who will be joined by the larger snappers leading to the third round.

The boss starts with three attacks in its repertoire, with a fourth being introduced in the second phase.

- Lunge forward and clap its hands together
- Pounds the ground, causing lava to spew up near your location
- Charges in a straight line, signalling a phase change
- Breathes a stream of fire that it will sweep back and forth

The best course of action is to keep moving and use your best weapons. Getting the Predator Launcher from the warship objective on the same planet prior to the boss battle is ideal, as is buying all that's available from the vendors. Keep moving and always keep an eye out for any lava pools.

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