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Wear a full set of Tech Armor

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Game: Sons of the Forest
Steam AchievementsSteam
Rarity: 0.20% (Ultra Rare)
Tags: (None)

You need to create Tech Armor, which requires the following ingredients:

  • Wire
  • Tape
  • Circuit Board
  • Battery
  • Tech Mesh

Wires and Tapes are often found in boxes or crate you can loot, which have random gear inside. The best places you can get these are in cannibal villages, or abandoned camps, or helicopter crash sites. As for Circuit Boards, you can get these via laptops, or also found on the floor of sites. These are typically more common in caves, or bunkers. Batteries are also guaranteed to spawn in the 3D Printer Cave which leads to the Leisure Bunker with the Gym and Nightclub.

As for the Tech Mesh, it is an item you can make that via the 3D printers. You will need 250ml of Printer Resin to make one Tech Mesh. You can visit the early game cave with the 3D Printer if you want to, as there is a printer thats full of resin there, and has two printer resin spawns. It also comes with a bed, so you can save and reload it if you wish to keep spawning the resin back into the game, along with the batteries too. You will need a total of 2500ml of Resin to make ten Tech Mesh.

When you make a Tech Armor, we recommend waiting till you have all ten to complete the trophy. Taking damage will cause you to lose one of the armor pieces and have to go and make more.

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