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Jessica Dillon

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Jessica Dillon

Jess has been working in the game industry for eight years. She has covered a variety of games with a focus on JRPGs, indies, and MMORPGs. Her favorite game to work on is Genshin Impact, as she has been with the game since day one.

From interviewing voice actors at major conventions to speaking about streaming on national radio, Jess has been around the industry. She even studied game design as part of her art studies degree in college, to create a well-rounded understanding of the industry she loves.

When not chipping away at her guides, Jess spends her time farming Primogems in Genshin Impact. She also has a keen interest in painting and music, something that likely stems from her art school days. If it’s a new type of art experience it’s likely she will put down the controller for a few hours to try it.

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