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Empire State Building (New York) Snow Globe Snow Globes


The Empire State Building is a notable structure located in "New York" iconNew York on "Earth" iconEarth. This particular snow globe, known as the Starfield Empire State Building, is associated with it.

Snow Globe Acquisition

To obtain this snow globe, you must first locate the book titled "Our Lost Heritage" iconOur Lost Heritage in the MAST building within "New Atlantis" iconNew Atlantis. Take the elevator to the "Central Command" iconCentral Command area and proceed to the main office. Be cautious when taking the book, as it is technically considered stealing.

Finding the Book/Snow Globe

Reading the book will reveal a new point of interest on "Earth" iconEarth within the "Sol System" iconSol System. This landing spot will transport you directly to the Empire State Building, where you can find the snow globe situated at the base of the towe

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