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Face of Cydonia POIs

In-game Description

On July 25, 1976, the Viking 1 orbiter spacecraft took its first photos of the "Cydonia" iconCydonia region of "Mars" iconMars. Among them was an image of what appeared to be a humanoid face on the surface of Mars. The image inspired the imaginations of millions, cementing humanity’s passion for space exploration and once again begging the question “Are we alone out there?”.

Later photography would reveal that the face was no more than a mountain, shadows, and perhaps humanity’s greatest case of “pareidolia,” a tendency to perceive specific, meaningful imagery in an otherwise ambiguous or random visual pattern. Nevertheless, the legend of the “Face on Mars” remains an important inspiration for many to this day.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Cydonia Map

X: 4790 Y: 7021

A monument to the Viking 1 orbiter spacecraft and some of the lore associated with it.

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