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Camera Work in the Depths Main Quest

In-game Description

Josha showed you an image of a figure on a piece of slate from the Depths. She thinks it’s evidence of a people that once lived there. Robbie said he’d go to the Depths to find her anything that shows another such figure. He wants you there to take a picture of it with the Purah Pad’s camera, if necessary. Join him at the chasm south of Lookout Landing.

"Josha" iconJosha will give you "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seed x10 and "Arrow" iconArrows x5 to help on your journey.

You found Robbie inside the chasm, down in the Depths. He unlocked your camera and asked you to give it a try, by taking a picture of a nearby statue. The statue seems to be very similar to the figure on the slate fragment that Josha is studying.

After taking the picture of the Statue:
You took a picture of the statue, and Robbie said it captured the mysterious figure well. Head to Lookout Landing and show the picture to Josha.

After showing Josha the Picture of the Statue:
You returned to Lookout Landing with your picture of the statue. Josha said you’d made a big discovery that could lead to truly understanding what the Depths are. She’s going to search through what others have found in the Depths, hoping to find more slate fragments with these mysterious people.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hyrule Surface Map

X: 9687 Y: 9985
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