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Guidance from Ages Past Main Quest


Obtained from the Zonai mask behind the door north from "Joku-u Shrine" iconJoku-u Shrine at "Dragonhead Island" iconDragonhead Island in the sky.

Your task is to transport the mask to where the light beam is shining, on the surface. Nearby, there are materials you can use and a device dispenser to create a flying/gliding machine.

If you follow the beam to the surface, you’ll discover "Tobio's Hollow Chasm" iconTobio’s Hollow Chasm. Place the mask on the pedestal to activate an elevator that goes to the Depths, near the "Construct Factory" iconConstruct Factory.

There will be a stand with five slots; place the mask into the top slot to awaken "Mineru" iconMineru.

Your next task is to retrieve 4 arms and legs from 4 depots located nearby. Place each arm/leg into the corresponding slot to fully activate "Mineru" iconMineru.

Afterwards, lead "Mineru" iconMineru’s construct to the "Spirit Temple" iconSpirit Temple located to the far south-east. Use this opportunity to ride "Mineru" iconMineru’s construct and get accustomed to fighting with her. Also, be sure to attach a "Cannon" iconCannon to one of her arms!

At the "Spirit Temple" iconSpirit Temple, inspect the statue while riding "Mineru" iconMineru’s construct to enter. Inside, there’s a boss fight with a "Seized Construct" iconSeized Construct. Blast it with your cannon to stun it, then keep whacking it until you knock it into the fence, to greatly damage it.

Finally, reclaim "Mineru" iconMineru’s Secret Stone at the back of the temple to complete this quest. You will also receive a new quest: "Trail of the Master Sword" iconTrail of the Master Sword.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hyrule Sky Islands Map

X: 11820 Y: 14582

Inspect the Zonai mask behind the closed door north from Joku-u Shrine.

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