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Magic Rod One Handed

In-game Description

A small and intensely magic rod, it’s said to have been wielded by an ancient magician who awoke maximum latent powers in gems.

Combining this weapon with a "Ruby" iconRuby will cause the weapon to spew fireballs from it. If you combine it with a "Sapphire" iconSapphire, it adds freezing to its attacks. Freezing can also freeze living fish, and create pathways on water.


Icon for <span>Sky Islands</span> Sky Islands

Detailed Location(s)

Found inside one of the chests in the lakes in the "South Hyrule Sky Archipelago" iconSouth Hyrule Sky Archipelago.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Hyrule Sky Islands Map

X: 8672 Y: 12543

You need to solve the lake puzzles by lifting the hatches and then getting rid of both water sources to reach both chests.

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