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The Witcher 3: - Botchling (Death March!) - Because "Abortionling" Was Too Triggering

Haeravon battles the Botchling during the quest "Family Matters". Dispense with Quen for most of the fight and supplement your melee damage with Igni to wear the Botchling down. When it summons Wraiths, dispatch them quickly, then use Axii to drop its guard before continuing your assault!

- Fast attack (up to three times)
- Dodge (after attacking, when the Botchling hops back to counter)
- Igni (supplement sword damage, fire DoT)
- Quen alternate mode (damage blocked heals Geralt)
- Axii (makes Botchling retract spines, stops regeneration)
- Cursed Oil (on Botchling)
- Specter Oil (on Wraiths)

Check out the full guide at www.gamerguides.com/witcher3

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