Tower of Fantasy

Developers: Hotta Studio, Level Infinite, Perfect World
Publishers: Perfect World
Platforms: Android, iOS, PC

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What is Tower of Fantasy?

After the great calamity almost destoryed the world of Aida, the humans are now on their way to rebuilding their former greatness. The contints are now much more barren, with factions seperated to rebuild communities and livelihood. However, the rebuilding of society comes at a cost, with factions vying for resources, territory and power. Moreso, the Hykros and Sons of Aida factions are at ideological differences over the resorce that brought the near end of the world, Omnium.

In Tower of Fantasy, you play as a character known as a Wanderer. You will explore the storyline of the game, learning more about the two major factions, along with the politics of the world. Moreso, you will unlock new weapons and characters, known as Simulacra that grant added appearances and passive benefits. It’s got all the wonderful content of Genshin Impact, with an added MMO focus for that community multiplayer experience.


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