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Cassia Companions

How to Acquire

Cassia is a mandatory companion and no matter what you do, she’ll always join, even if you try your hardest to upset her. You will find Cassia in the Navis Nobilite station in Eurac V during chapter one. Although there are various choices relating to her during the recruitment process, the outcome will more or less be the same other than a battle or two will marginally change. If you want to read exactly what choices you can make while recruiting her, read our How to Rescue Cassia Guide and Should you side with Felek Guide for more information.

Companion Abilities

"Glimpse of Fate" iconGlimpse of Fate Companion Abilities
"Held in My Gaze" iconHeld in My Gaze Companion Abilities
"Immolate the Soul" iconImmolate the Soul Companion Abilities
"Lidless Stare" iconLidless Stare Companion Abilities
"Mend Reality" iconMend Reality Companion Abilities
"Notch of Purpose" iconNotch of Purpose Companion Abilities
"Point of Curiosity" iconPoint of Curiosity Companion Abilities
"Reveal the Light" iconReveal the Light Companion Abilities
"Scourge of the Red Tide" iconScourge of the Red Tide Companion Abilities
"Show the Path" iconShow the Path Companion Abilities
"Spot of Apathy" iconSpot of Apathy Companion Abilities
"Vigil Beyond Time" iconVigil Beyond Time Companion Abilities
"Waking Nightmare" iconWaking Nightmare Companion Abilities
"Warp Curse Unleashed" iconWarp Curse Unleashed Companion Abilities
"Zone of Fear" iconZone of Fear Companion Abilities

Companion Talents

"Armour of Contempt" iconArmour of Contempt Officer Talents
"Be Vigilant!" iconBe Vigilant! Officer Talents
"Blood Augury" iconBlood Augury Navigator
"Blood of Martyrs" iconBlood of Martyrs Officer Talents
"Commanding Voice" iconCommanding Voice Officer Talents
"Ebb and Flow" iconEbb and Flow Navigator
Emperor's Blessing Officer Talents
"Eye Of Oblivion" iconEye Of Oblivion Navigator
"Focus!" iconFocus! Officer Talents
"Guide of Souls" iconGuide of Souls Navigator
"Heroism" iconHeroism Officer Talents
"Inspire Courage" iconInspire Courage Officer Talents
"Inspiring Speech" iconInspiring Speech Officer Talents
"Inspiring Speech" iconInspiring Speech Officer Talents
"Into the Jaws of Hell" iconInto the Jaws of Hell Officer Talents
"Iron Discipline" iconIron Discipline Officer Talents
"Lasting Impression" iconLasting Impression Officer Talents
"Lead by Example" iconLead by Example Officer Talents
"Leader's Assault" iconLeader's Assault Officer Talents
"March" iconMarch Officer Talents
"Mastery of Time" iconMastery of Time Navigator
"Mind Over Matter" iconMind Over Matter Navigator
"More than Possible" iconMore than Possible Officer Talents
"No Respite" iconNo Respite Officer Talents
"Open to the Warp" iconOpen to the Warp Navigator
"Pass Unscathed" iconPass Unscathed Navigator
"Perilous Ways" iconPerilous Ways Navigator
"Personal Oversight" iconPersonal Oversight Officer Talents
"Physical Encouragement" iconPhysical Encouragement Officer Talents
"Prepare for an Assault!" iconPrepare for an Assault! Officer Talents
"Seize the Initiative" iconSeize the Initiative Officer Talents
"Stable Routes" iconStable Routes Navigator
"Steady!" iconSteady! Officer Talents
"Steel Resolve" iconSteel Resolve Officer Talents
"Strange Vitality" iconStrange Vitality Navigator
"Threads and Faults" iconThreads and Faults Navigator
"Tonicity" iconTonicity Navigator
"Unblinking Stare" iconUnblinking Stare Navigator
"Unnatural Allure" iconUnnatural Allure Navigator
"Veil of Protection" iconVeil of Protection Navigator
"Watch Yourself!" iconWatch Yourself! Officer Talents
"Wounds Are No Excuse!" iconWounds Are No Excuse! Officer Talents
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